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To: Board of Management, Gorey Community School

Gorey Central School’s pupil enrollment into Gorey Community School

Reinstate Gorey Central School as a priority feeder school to Gorey Community School

Why is this important?

Recent changes to Gorey Community School (GCS) enrolment policy mean that we at Gorey Central School have gone from a priority feeder school since our inception to one of 16 schools in a lottery. The ratified changes will come into effect for enrollment from September 2019.

When parents chose Gorey Central School many did so on the understanding they were prioritized for enrollment in Gorey Community School. We are currently second in proximity to Gorey Community school and now our families face the real possibility they may have to look outside Gorey town for a place in a secondary School.

We have always held strong links with Gorey Community School and feel our history, proximity and pre-existing links should be respected and honored.

We wish for you to show your support for the children and families enrolled Gorey Central School currently and for generations to come.

Gorey, County Wexford, Ireland

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