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To: The people of galway

Get behind the Galway Waterways Patrol

Get behind the Galway Waterways Patrol

Please sign this petition to support the Galway Waterways Patrol.

Why is this important?

The waterways patrol are groups of people who patrol the waterways at night. The waterways patrol are key figures in preventing people from falling in the river Corrib.

The waterways patrol plays a vital role in Wexford, Limerick and Derry. We need to do something about the loss of life In Galway too.

Galway, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • This organisation is a farce. Only two people behind it. Emergency services will have nothing to do with it. No transparency and needs to be shut down by the charity regulator. They go around in balaclavas threatening people, not helping them. This is one guy, gets turned on by being called 'Delta 1'. They have no proper training or insurance. I've seen their operation and if the gardai had any cop on they'd close them down.
  • Can't get a better cause than to save a life..
  • Too many young lives are lost


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