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To: Ministers Stephen Donnelly, Roderic O Gorman, Dept of Health, Taoiseach, HSE...

Fully staff Long Covid Clinics, implement a recent unopposed Dáil motion.

• address chronic workforce issues within our GP/primary care/acute hospital services

• fully staff post COVID (PC)/long COVID (LC)clinics with upskilled medical professionals

• establish a multidisciplinary team with patient advocates to review/manage LC care

• establish a dedicated and specialist led LC clinic for children

• establish PC/LC clinics, fully resourced LC services across GP/community services

• ensure services/supports can adapt/expand based on learnings from implementation & evidence in relation to LC and current/projected demand for all specialists/services

• develop a public awareness campaign on LC,

• urgently complete an analysis of existing waiting lists

• establish a LC electronic patient register to provide a secure database to store/analyse detailed information

• commence an advice/ information campaign providing the best current advice in the management of conditions associated with LC /other post viral chronic conditions to GPs, the medical profession and those experiencing LC conditions

• develop an innovative rehabilitative/recovery programme that is designed to meet the needs of those experiencing LC/ other post viral chronic conditions

Why is this important?

Thousands of people are suffering every day. Long Covid doesn’t discriminate, it can affect anyone at any time.
I am campaigning together with TDs Joan Collins, Denis Naughten & many fellow-Long Covid patient-advocates in Ireland. Please take a second to sign our petition, help us to help you!
If you click on the map of Ireland you will see the location of clinics nationwide. Listen to the successful motion debate on the link below.


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