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To: Minister of Health, Stephen Donnelly


Make GP care free for everyone in Ireland, regardless of income or age.

Why is this important?

The average cost of seeing a GP in Ireland now is €60 - and the cost can be as high as €80 in cities like Dublin. People are ignoring illness and not accessing care due to the cost of seeing a GP. This is not acceptable in a country like Ireland - whilst GP care is free in other comparable countries like Britain, Canada and Germany - or costs as little as €7.50 in other EU countries like France.

It doesn't make economic sense either - illness costs the Irish economy hundreds of millions a year, and delayed diagnoses mean poorer outcomes and more intensive treatments for patients.

We can stop this together - which is why the Minister for Health must move immediately to make GP care free for all.



2023-01-17 18:34:36 +0000

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