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To: Mayo County Council

Fix boarded up council houses

Fix boarded up council houses

Direct funding to housing renovations. There is a crisis situation, and it needs immediate resources.

Why is this important?

The housing shortage in Co. Mayo is serious. Many families are living with extended families in stressful overcrowded situations. The shortage in the rental market makes it very difficult to find suitable housing. Boarded up council houses should be renovated to house those in need. Emergency accommodation being used should be fit for purpose. To encourage the council to make progress on this, we are want people to sign this campaign to ask Local Councilors and TD's to make it there business to put housing at the top of their list. To ensure emergency accommodation being provided is fit for purpose, and to make renovating boarded up council houses a priority. Also to make finding funding for renovations a priority in the Dail. 145 council house empty as of September 2014.

Co. Mayo, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • Same situation in my area for years. Seems like they have no interest while these vacant houses are been further damages because of their laziness. Please do your job


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