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To: TD'S, counsellors, ministers

Fight for affordable and social housing for the Irish glass bottle house site Dublin 4

Fight for affordable and social housing for the Irish glass bottle house site Dublin 4

We want ministers to approve plans for affordable and social housing to be built on the Irish Glass Bottle House development site in Dublin 4. We need the local residents to have a voice and for them to be heard by the government. We have been out-priced from buying properties in our community for too long now. We need the government to implement a plan for the provision of houses that regular local people can afford.

Why is this important?

For many years now property prices in our local area have escalated beyond belief. For many years there has been no provision of social or affordable housing in our area and regular local people with regular jobs are unable to buy houses in our community. New local developments such as Bolands Mill offer no affordable or social housing as the government allowed the developers to buy back the 10% social housing they should have provided! We as a community need to address this local housing crisis and fight for people of all ages in our community so that we are able to remain living close to our networks of support.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver this petition, along with the signatures from the paper petitions that are already in circulation, to our local TD's and counsellors.

Dublin 2 and Dublin 4

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Reasons for signing

  • I'm from ringsend all my life I was on the council list for over ten years only to learn about two years ago they had wrote to me and asked to update their records only to find out the letter was never delivered and I was cut from the list and had to start all over again now how it two years with a family of 3 in tow living in a 1 bed of which we badly need of a bigger home now
  • This area is in desperate need for affordable housing and the needs of the community must be taken into consideration for a healthy area.
  • It'd be great to see some affordable housing built, especially here, a community long before Google moved to town. We need to shout to make this a priority because development in Dublin hasn't traditionally been focused on building strong communities, knowwhatimean?


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