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To: Simon Harris Minister for Health

Exclusion Zone Legislation for abortion providers

Exclusion Zone Legislation for abortion providers

We demand that the government enact legislation to prevent anti abortion protests outside GP surgeries and hospitals.

Why is this important?

We have repealed the 8th amendment, 66.4% have voted to allow care for pregnant people who need abortions. These women and other people who are pregnant deserve to make their decision and access care in privacy and without intimidation.
The staff working in GP surgeries and hospitals also deserve to have a workplace free from harassment and disruption, and patients who are attending for unrelated reasons should also be entitled to visit their caregiver without dealing with protestors.


Reasons for signing

  • Medical Terminations are tough enough without the barrage of hateful rhetoric being shouted by ProLife activists outside care centers. People who opt for terminations should be able to do so privately and without harassment or intimidation. I fully support Exclusion Zoning provisions and tough penalties for those who violate them.
  • A right to an opinion does not give you the right to harass people seeking medical care
  • How about organized escorts provided to those attending for treatment,to (peaceful) counter intimidation by Agressive Pro life protestors? I’m not in favor or excluding protestors of any sort by introducing laws which might also harm other forms of protest. This is Ireland,give it time,as this is normalised,these protests will peter out and disappear. Be careful of being heavy handed with legislation. Support those in need by attending in solidarity.


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