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To: HSE, Public Representatives

Equal Opportunity for HSE Counselling and Psychotherapy positions

APCP, the Association of Professional Counsellors & Psychotherapists Ireland , Charity Reg No: 20076665 has a membership comprising of all levels of the counselling and psychotherapy professions (student, pre-accredited, accredited, supervisor). Despite robust accreditation requirements – Counsellor at 450 hours & Psychotherapist at 600 hours post-graduation under strict supervision guidelines and with over 92% of APCP’s members at L8 Hons Degree level or higher on the National framework of qualifications (QQI) and APCP Supervisors at L9 Masters Level. Currently APCP is excluded from consideration for counselling positions with the Health Service Executive and other HSE funded organisation. This continues, despite the mental health crisis Ireland faces currently.
We are calling upon our elected representatives to lobby the HSE, calling upon them to consider APCP members - thus drawing from a wider pool of highly skilled, qualified mental health professionals.

Why is this important?

APCP believes it is unfair and unjust to APCP members who have worked hard to meet rigorous professional requirements, for the HSE to continue with these exclusionary hiring practices.
APCP promotes the belief that all clients should be treated fairly, equally, with respect and autonomy and yet, the opposite has been presented to members of APCP when it comes to recognition for posts within the HSE.
We, as a representative body, who are very proud of our members achievements, high ethical practice, standards and commitment to best practice request that due consideration and fairness be extended to our members.



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