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To: Eoghan Murphy, Minister for Housing

Minimum Standards Needed in Rented Accommodation

Support Threshold's proposal for an NCT-type certification system in rented accommodation.

And set out, as a matter of urgency, a plan for ensuring compliance with minimum standards regulations in the private rental sector.

Why is this important?

The current system, in which local authorities are responsible for the inspection of properties in the private rented sector, is not fit for purpose.
The present system relies on landlords being caught. But the prospect of being caught is slim. There is no fear of the consequences, in the absence of regulations and proper inspections. The current reliance on the fire service to enforce fire safety standards is too much of a demand on overstretched frontline services.

A certification system needs to be put in place NOW, where the onus is on landlords to prove their compliance with minimum standards. If a certificate does not exist, the penalty for renting should be severe, so that there is no excuse for being outside the system. Inspections would then focus solely on whether the landlord held a certificate of compliance.




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