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To: TDs

End Wild Animal Circuses - support the Prohibition of Wild Animals in Circuses Bill 2017

Support the Prohibition of Wild Animals in Circuses Bill 2017 which will ban wild animals being used in circuses.

Why is this important?

Using wild animals in travelling circuses where animals are forced to travel long distances and to perform unusual tricks and routines is cruel.

A circus is no place for wild animals such as elephants, zebras, lions, camels and tigers; their needs cannot be met in a circus.

Animals that are in circuses can suffer long term physical and psychological harm.

Countries across Europe are banning wild animal circuses which is leading to Ireland quickly becoming one of the last places in Europe to allow this cruel practice.

Call on your TD to support the bill before the Dáil from the Solidarity/People before Profit group that will see the end of this barbaric practice.


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