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To: The Taoiseach and Dáil Éireann

End Irish Government funding of the greyhound industry

End Irish Government funding of the greyhound industry

Discontinue Government/Dept of Agriculture funding to the Irish Greyhound Board

Why is this important?

See RTE Investigates documentary - it is unacceptable that Irish taxpayers are being asked to fund an industry that is rotten to its core and is responsible for barbaric, inhumane and unethical treatment of animals. Funding from our government is fueling the production of dogs for racing, many of whom end up inhumanely treated (including being boiled alive) and illegally culled. No public monies should find their way into the greyhound industry. For further information see:

Note: the content of this documentary is profoundly disturbing and not for those sensitive to the abuse of sensient creatures.


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