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To: Eileen Gleeson, Director of Dublin Regional Homeless Executive

Eileen Gleeson, Apologise to Dublin's homeless

Eileen Gleeson, Apologise to Dublin's homeless

We want Ms. Gleeson to apologise to all homeless people living in Dublin for the comments which she made yesterday (14th November) and today, in which she suggested homeless people were homeless because of "bad behaviour."

Why is this important?

We believe - and all evidence suggests - that homelessness is caused by an absence of public housing, by evictions, and by sky-rocketing rents.

It is offensive to homeless people to suggest in any way that they themselves are the cause of their homelessness - rather than the landlord who upped their rent or evicted them, or the local authority that hasn't built any new houses in years.

Homeless people need to have faith in the services they depend on. We want Eileen Gleeson to apologise and retract her comments, as a start to restoring some small level of trust.

Dublin, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • This woman should be removed from her position. She has made it crystal clear how much she holds homeless people in contempt. People are NOT homeless by choice. This choice is made by and uncaring government, unscrupulous landlords and people like Eileen Gleeson. In my opinion, an apology is not enough. Nothing less than her marching orders would be appropriate for her despicable words. 😡😡😡
  • This doesn't go far enough.This person has aimed an attach to belittle, shame and dehumanise the victims of what the establishment in this country has caused. In a real country she would be made resign.
  • She needs to do more than apologise. She needs to get put of her cusy office and do the job she is well paid to do and sort out proper living conditions for these unfortunate people. Who is she to pass judgement on anybody.


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