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To: TDs-Particularly the Minister for Higher Education

Ease Refugees Access to Higher Education

We urge the Irish government to review and amend the requirements for the access of refugees to the governmental fund for third-level education.

Why is this important?

It can accelerate the process of integration and refugees would stand sooner on their own incomes. It can help Ireland tackle the costs of hosting refugees.
Please join this campaign and help Refugees be heard. Many many young talents of refugees must be await for three years to be eligible for state support for third-level education in Ireland.

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2022-05-13 12:42:57 +0100

Dear supporters,
Still we need to more signatures to be heard by the officials. Sharing this link with your friends and networks is a great help in this journey.
As we go further, more challenges pop up that must be addressed. For example, catagorising holders of refugee status as non-european students forces them to pay an international fee in case of private higher studies. However, reforming this term could be a valuable and beneficial act in support of refugees access to higher education.

2022-05-04 13:34:11 +0100

50 signatures reached

2022-02-23 11:42:02 +0000

Why should you sign this petition?
You help young refugees not be await for three years for receiving government fund to do higher education in Ireland. We urge the government to scrap the limit of three year waiting for state fund eligibility.

2022-02-20 10:18:04 +0000

25 signatures reached

2022-02-17 07:33:14 +0000

At this stage we are collecting signatures to develop a strong voice. Please help each other by reaching more people to sign this petition.
You can add your personal stories that how you would affect by limitations on your path to third-level education in Ireland as a refugee.

2022-02-16 22:21:19 +0000

10 signatures reached