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To: Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy,

Don't Let People Die On Our Streets

Make sure there is enough emergency accommodation available so that no person who is homeless has to sleep outdoors this Winter.

Why is this important?

7 people have died on the streets of Dublin in the past 12 weeks. In our towns and cities there are thousands of people facing the winter without a roof over their heads - sleeping in cars, in tents, doorways, under bushes.
Emergency accommodation is needed for everyone and must be made a priority this winter.


Reasons for signing

  • Because its a disgrace the government need to look after their people.
  • I live in Australia and we have the same problem here and it's a national disgrace. So I'm signing to help Dublins cause and hope it makes a difference.
  • I'm tired of seeing our own people live and die on our own streets, it is an absolute disgrace.


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