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To: Sarah McTernan

Sarah McTernan - Don't Go to Eurovision in Apartheid Israel

Sarah McTernan - Don't Go to Eurovision in Apartheid Israel

Please don't participate in the Eurovision in apartheid Israel, don't cross the Palestinian picket line.

Why is this important?

To Sarah McTernan

We call on you not to perform in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Israel.

It is a great honour and testament to your talent to be selected to represent Ireland, yet we must ask you to listen to the call from Palestinian artists, journalists and civil society organisations for people of conscience to refuse to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel due to that state’s oppression of the Palestinian people. We support that call, as do thousands of people in Ireland and internationally, and are respectfully asking that you decline to take part in this year’s Eurovision.

While Israel - a state which has repeatedly been accused of war crimes by the United Nations and human rights organisations, and openly boasts of how it uses art and culture to whitewash its crimes - continues its oppression of the Palestinian people, no artist of conscience should participate in this ‘culturewashing’ event.

Performing at the Eurovision in Israel is a deeply political act; you will be expected to sing for 500 members of the Israeli military who have had seats reserved by the state. We sincerely hope that you will not countenance performing for a military which just last week was found by a UN Commission of Inquiry to likely have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity by killing deliberately targeting and killing civilians, including children, medics, journalists and disabled people in its attacks on unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza.

These attacks are ongoing on a daily basis, and it should be unconscionable for any artist representing Ireland to be entertaining members of this military just a few miles down the road.

Ireland has a proud tradition of standing with the oppressed and against injustice and we sincerely hope you will take this opportunity to stand on the right side of history by refraining from crossing the Palestinian picket line. It would be a principled stand for freedom, justice, equality and a show of solidarity and empathy with the oppressed.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed because I disagree with the slaughtering of Palastinians in their own native land.
  • Every life is precious and every death abhorrent, but a life lived in misery even more so. Israel has been killing, blockading, ruining lives of people just barely born to those on their last breaths and hiding behind a cloak of anti-semitism. The struggle to end this apartheid compels me to sign this petition.
  • Israel is a terrorist country that is killing innocent men women and children. Occupying their land by force humiliating and degrading Palestinians. There is no actual aid that is being provided to them. They have to live in fear everyday imagine your life being that way. It's sad because we want others to help us when even the Islamic countries aren't doing anything except for a few. I signed it because I hope it will make a change


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