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To: Minister Darragh O'Brien & Minister Peter Burke

Directly Elected Mayor for Galway

Guarantee a plebiscite (local referendum) asking the people of Galway whether or not they want a Directly Elected Mayor.

Why is this important?

A Directly Elected Mayor for Galway could be a big deal for the future of Galway City.

In October 2020 Galway City Council unanimously passed a motion by Cllr. Owen Hanley calling for on the Government to implement referendum so Galway can have it's say on this issue.

A Directly Elected Mayor would only ensure that the person in charge of finances, everyday decisions, and the future of Galway is selected and accountable to the people.

But it's about more than that. It's also about the broader decision making in our country. It's about moving from a Dublin-centric model, to one where more and more decisions about Galway are made in Galway.

Everyday our Councils and staff do work to help our communities.

But local government has a long way to go. We need more power and decision making on a local level led by a Directly Elected Mayor.

Galway, Ireland

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