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To: Department of Justice and Equality

Cut Citizenship Fees for Adults Raised in Ireland

We want the Department of Justice and Equality to reduce the huge fee of approx 1,125 euro* (175 euro application fee + 950 euro certification fee) for adults who came to Ireland under the age of 16 and have lived in Ireland for more than 10 years.

*Fees noted as of the 31/01/19

The maximum administration fee charged should be 250 euro (including the application and certification fee).

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Why is this important?

Adults who came to Ireland as children should not be forced to pay the same amount for citizenship as someone who chose to come to the country as an adult and has lived in the country of Ireland for 5 years.

There are currently people living abroad that have never and will never step foot on Irish soil that are more entitled to Irish citizenship because they have parents or grandparents who are Irish.

These adults were raised in Irish culture and identify culturally as Irish. Many speak or have some level of the Irish language, went to Irish primary and secondary schools, attended Irish colleges, play Irish sports such as hurling and Gaelic football with their local communities, vote in local Irish elections, are members of Irish political parties, currently have employment in Ireland and are paying taxes in Ireland.

They are as much a part of Ireland and Irish society as a child born in the country. They should not be expected to pay such exorbitant fees for a piece of paper that tells them they are officially an Irish citizen when it is clear that they are already Irish.

No-one should be rejected or taken advantage of by the country they call their home so I ask for your support to help adults who were raised in Ireland to be given the citizenship they deserve.


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