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To: Taoiseach Michael Martin

Criminalise illegal possession of animals & illegal animal black market

- Introduce laws restricting animal trafficking by ensuring animals are transported with the owner of the animal or checked for possible lost or stolen animal.

- Introduce criminal offence by either sale or purchase from unlicensed seller. Stop the black market sale of animals.

- Criminalisation of animal cruelty or illegal possession.

- Introduce stricter laws to prevent trafficking and theft of animals in Ireland and imported animals from outside of the republic.

Why is this important?

We all hear devastating news all over social media, news agencies and our friends.

Dog fights, animal theft ,animal trafficking and illegal animal sale are the main reason of theft of our beloved four legged friends.
We need to ensure that dog owners in Ireland don’t live in fear of their pets been stolen from their homes.
To ensure safety of dogs, cats and their owners laws should be stricter in Ireland to prevent theft and end this nonsense of pet robberies that are going out of control.

It’s time for the government to respond.

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