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To: Minister Norma Foley TD

Corpus Christi Parish Hall for Corpus Christi School

We're calling on Corpus Christi Parish Hall to be reopened for children in the adjoining school to use for sports and for it to be reopened for community events as soon as possible. #SaveOurHall

The CCGNS Board of Management should be assisted in their engagement with the Patron (Parish Priest or Diocese) to reopen the Parish hall allowing the Board to fulfil the Dept of Education Physical Education curriculum thus adhering to Government policy which aims to encourage girl’s participation in sporting activities.

An immediate Whole School Evaluation (WSE) Report should be conducted. A 14-year time frame since the last evaluation is a disservice to all stakeholders especially the pupils.

Why is this important?

We are now entering the 3rd year where the school does not have access to the adjoining Parish hall for PE/Assembly activities including school events and communion/confirmation receptions and graduation celebrations. The Parish Priest closed the hall circa July 2020 citing fire safety issues. Regretfully, the Monsignor and the church’s position is one of non-engagement with the community and public representatives on the matter. The school secured the scouts den on the Corpus Christi church grounds for PE activities. However, this is not suitable spatially for PE delivery for a 450 pupil school. Indeed, much PE activity takes place in the school yard as well as all school assembly activities, weather permitting. Parents were led by the school management to believe that the use of the Scout's Den was an interim measure until access to the Parish Hall resumed while works were in progress.

How it will be delivered

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