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To: Students in Ireland

Change the 20 Irish essays for leaving cert students back to 10!

This campaign has ended.

Don’t allow them to change the amount and make us do 20 whole essays for Irish leaving cert.

Why is this important?

In the past couple of years we have had a tough time with students who have entered secondary school , with missing months of school and not being able to get the education we needed and yes we had google classroom but what good is talking to a screen and being afraid to ask questions and so on. The leaving cert students from the past couple of years have had 10 essays to do in higher and lower Irish leaving cert exams and now they are trying to make the next set of leaving cert students do 20 essays .I think this is absolutely unacceptable as we as either third year , transitions year or fifth year students have not got the education we we’re supposed to. We missed out on two whole years of learning due to the coronavirus and I think it is unfair to change the amount now when they still have students in their schools who did not get their full education in secondary school, sure their are students who can definitely do it and most likely pass but the amount of students who’s attendances has dropped since 2020 is huge their have been 24.7m school days lost from 2019 September to 2022 summer. I think it is unfair to ask of us to do 20 essays and us not have a say and lose marks all because they don’t wanna be considerate of the students who didn’t get their full potential education in secondary school. Maybe in the next upcoming years when all is back to normal and anyone who went to secondary school during covid is out of school and done their leaving they can talk about bringing it in but I believe we have a voice too and we should be allowed to act against this because I as a transition year student can confidently say I am not prepared to do 20 full essays in Irish as I feel I could just about do 10 never mind 20 and I think it’s unfair to quite literally set us up to lose marks when these 20 essays could be the reason we lose the marks we need to go onto do what we wanna do in the future and miss out the opportunity to go to our dream college. Thank you for taking the time to read my petition and I really hope you consider signing it as it’s our only chance to make a change before our leaving cert.


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