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To: Dáil Eireann

Stop Unfair Car Insurance Premiums

Stop insurance companies from introducing unfair hikes on car insurance premiums. These dramatic increases are really affecting huge numbers of people ie students, low paid and older people surviving on their state pension.

Why is this important?

Car Insurance has increased again and is really affecting vulnerable people esp older people barely surviving on their pension.

Older people, especially in rural areas, depend on their cars to get to the shops, to Mass and to the Post Office. Now older people are being forced off the road by unaffordable premiums. This further isolates a people who are already isolated by lack of rural transport and the depopulation of rural areas.

Car insurance hikes also affects students who need car transport to get to college. Workers on low incomes can't afford to get to work. Anyone living in rural Ireland needs a car to get to schools, shops etc.

My car insurance has been increased from 450 Euro in 2015 to 731 Euro in 2016. This is an increase of 281 Euro - 3 weeks pension. I have no claims and no penalty points to warrant this increase. This is beyond my reach and many older people I have spoken to are in the same position. There is a place called 'STOP' and this is it.


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