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To: Charles Flanagan - Minister for Justice and Equality

Bring Vahram Back

We are asking the Department of Justice to reverse their decision to deport Vahram Barcegyn Artunyan, separating him from his wife and young daughter, and bring him back to Ireland.

Why is this important?

Young father deported from Galway and separated from family:

Marjan Dakaj attended our meeting last night to tell us about his godson Vahram Barcegyn Artunyan. Vahram arrived in arrived here from Armenia as an asylum seeker here about 12 years ago. He left the Direct Provision system and worked to support himself and his family. A few years later, he married Viktoria and they welcomed their first child. After the birth of their daughter, Vahram approached the Department of Justice and explained his situation, they had him sign in at the office there every month for about 3 years. Last Thursday the 16th of August he went to sign in but was held and deported to Armenia.

Vahram received deportation orders a few times during the three years he went to the immigration office but was told by his solicitor that it was harmless and he should continue signing in. By the time Marjan received word of the deportation, Vahram was in France and lawyers couldn't intervene. Viktoria and Vahram's daughter turned 3 years old on the 2nd of August.

Marjan and Viktoria want us to do all we can to help bring Vahram back to Ireland. He has a young family here who were not even given a chance to say goodbye. Well known in Galway, Vahram is very active in the community, involved with local football clubs. We are looking for support and solidarity from people who knew him in Galway and further afield. We need legal assistance with this case. Please share and get in touch if you can offer help.

This campaign is supported by the Galway Anti-Racism Network, if you can help please contact [email protected]

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