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To: Minister Frances Fitzgerald

Bring 200 Unaccompanied Children to Ireland from Calais Camp

Bring 200 Unaccompanied  Children to Ireland from Calais Camp

The situation for children left stranded in the Calais Camp is getting worse by the day. We need to urgently act to help. The longer we wait the more dangerous it becomes for these vulnerable children.

Why is this important?

Ireland has the capacity and resources to offer hundreds of unaccompanied children refuge. We have one of the strongest care systems in Europe to deal with unaccompanied minors and therefore, the potential to offer these children homes, a sense of community, support and a future (3).


Reasons for signing

  • How is this even up for debate? These are children, with noone to look after them...
  • Govenment policy on the entire refugee situation past and present is disgraceful to say the least. Please close Direct Provision and please take in the refugees you are supposed to be taking and stop making excuses which are not true. And remember we are the ones who voted for you, this is a democracy and the idea of political representatives is to represent the people, the ones who elected you, not to do what you personally want to do
  • Every child deserves a safe place


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