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To: Minister Roderic O’Gorman



We want him to fulfill his statement and promise to bring the Syrian minors refugees to Ireland immediately

Why is this important?

This is so important because it was released just over a month ago that there was the plan to bring Syrian refugee minors to Ireland however nothing has been done due to COVID and it is said that if they do not go with the plan within the next 3 weeks or so they are going to scrap the idea all together.

This is an email we sent to minister Roderic O’Gorman pressing about this issue.

Dear Roderic O’Gorman 

We hope this message find you well.
Ours names are Sumaya, Lucas, Tia, George and Etain and we are writing to you to inquire about  the current issue of the 14 unaccompanied minors that were supposed to come to Ireland.
It has come to our recent attention (from the article in the Irish times bringing the issue to light) that you announced 14 Syrian child refugees were going to be brought to Ireland.
On Mar 28, 2021 it was said the Garda were due to travel to Greece the week after.
You said yourself “Tusla officials will be going over to Greece in the next week to, we hope, bring over 14 identified unaccompanied minors,”
It has been 28 days since you said this and yet nothing has happened.

This is an absolute disgrace to the hopeful refugees and asylum seekers who thought through their struggle and trauma maybe Ireland was changing for the better and was going to happily open its arms to these children.
And even more so, it is an absolute disappointment that nothing about this is being said in the news and since these dates you have not addressed it either.
We are pressing you to do all you can to give these, more likely than not, terrified children who have probably been through hell and back a home in this country immediately.

However we understand that due to level 5 restrictions it has affected the ability to complete this promise however we plead you to do anything possible to speed up this agenda and make it a top priority. For you cannot allow any further delays to occur. You need to fulfill your promise and resettle those children and give them the support emotionally and physically the way that they really do deserve.

We kindly request that you respond to us soon with a full update on what is happening and when the plan for the young people to arrive in Ireland is.

Best wishes,

Sumaya, Lucas, Tia, George and Etain
Here is also an article if you’d like to know more about the situation


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