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To: Kildare County Council

BMX bike track for Kildare Town

Build the BMX bike track at the Cherry Avenue park site as proposed by KCC

Why is this important?

Kildare needs more facilities for children and adults to engage in sports to promote a healthier lifestyle benefiting physical and mental health.
With BMX all Ages and Abilities are Welcome: BMX isn’t just for children, Parents and children can ride bikes together, there aren’t many sports out there that parents and children can participate in together. It’s a great way for families to bond over a common interest helping to combat the raising obesity rate and reducing screen time and promoting general well being.
Kildare town is constantly growing with more new housing developments but no new projects promoting sports activity have been completed, with the communities help we can change this!
With the provision of a BMX bike track being built Kildare could envision provincial and national champions coming from the BMX club that would be based there. Kildare has already produced Provincial and National champions with no local facilities!
Because of the involvement of adults mentoring and coaching the younger riders there is never any prospect of antisocial behavior. Building a BMX bike track will reduce any antisocial tendencies drawing the interests of the youth to ride their bikes in a safe fun place, and help role model BMX bike riding by discouraging the use of scramblers on the Curragh plains.
The BMX bike track would become a bike tourism attraction drawing families to try the sport, raising revenue for the town from extra foot fall to local businesses.

For more information of what is a BMX bike track click the links below

Kildare, County Kildare, Ireland

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