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To: Irish Government

Support for Mental Health in Irish Schools

Support for Mental Health in Irish Schools

The aim of this petition is to highlight the lack of mental health supports in schools and to ask the Irish Government to provide a dedicated mental health support service for Irish schools.

Why is this important?

Accessible therapeutic counselling for children is a proven cost-effective early intervention with the ability to alleviate distress for young people as well as pressure on already overwhelmed mental health services and on overstretched school staff. An on-call counselling support service with onward referral could provide students with an in-school option for seeking help, support and an extra entry point to accessing mental health services, often in a time of crisis.

From the IACP. "On 18th May, 2019 the IACP outlined a proposal for the expansion of existing mental health supports to secondary schools, via the introduction of a State funded, counselling support service for children. Although these types of supports are available in many other countries, and are proven to be a cost effective, easily accessible early intervention, there is no such established support system in Ireland. Consider the current pandemic, the IACP is now proposing that these counselling supports be extended to primary school children.

Prior to the current crisis a national survey – commissioned by the IACP and carried out by Behaviour & Attitudes (March 2019) found that there is very strong support amongst Irish adults for therapeutic counselling to be made available in all Irish schools – with 9 in 10 saying that they’d like to see this."

How it will be delivered

In person

Reasons for signing

  • The importance of a positive lived experience of a child in Secondary School is vital to life-long health and wellbeing. This petition is the next step forward to help make our collective voices for a change louder and to ensure that change for mental health supports in Irish Schools is heard and implemented.
  • As a mother of two school going children I've seen the far reaching results on my own family of the lack of resources and understanding when it comes to mental health supports in schools. In our case it exacerbated anxiety around school and resulted in our child being absent for months. Professional mental health support IN schools is, I believe, vital to the happiness and wellbeing of our children.
  • Mental health in Irish schools is a necessity, should not be optional. All teachers should be trained to know the signs that pupils are struggling and assist as appropriate.


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