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To: Gavin Boyd, Chief Executive of the Education Authority

Any new schools built in Northern Ireland should be Integrated Schools

We are asking that any new build schools in Northern Ireland only be given authorization if they are to be Integrated Schools.

Why is this important?

Only approximately 7% of our children receive truly integrated education, this is a shamefully low % considering the quantity of research highlighting the importance of integrated education in securing a peaceful future for Northern Ireland.

The IEF Young People's Voices Report showed that 'more than 80% of 'the young people' questioned agree that an education system bringing children of all faiths and none together in the same schools would be an important step in combating sectarianism' and yet only a handful of children and young people are given the opportunity to attend integrated schools.

Even the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (in 2016) highlighted concerns that “in Northern Ireland segregation of schools by religion persists” and goes on to recommend “the State party… in Northern Ireland actively promote a fully integrated education system."

There has been amazing work done by parents and voluntary organisations in setting up the many integrated schools that we currently have here but I would like to see much more being done to make Integrated Education the norm in Northern Ireland.

Why now?
The Department of Education has a legal duty to “encourage and facilitate the development of integrated education”. This is underlined in the Good Friday Agreement of 1998; however, the Deptartment of Education has never initiated any integrated schools. Our education budget is at breaking point.

Integrated schools serve all sections of Northern Ireland society so they not only make sense from a peace perspective but make sense economically. Taxpayers are paying extra for a divided system! This was a mistake for NI and we should call a stop on it now.

Please sign this petition asking that Integrated Schools should take precedence when any new school is proposed
Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

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