To: Axa Insurance Ireland

An Honest Reply from Axa

Give me an honest reply with regard to AXA's activities in the occupied territories of Palestine. I have both my car and house insurance with AXA. I have twice sent emails to their customer care section to ask them to clarify whether or not AXA has financial dealings with Israeli companies who are involved in the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories. Yet I have received no replies.

Why is this important?

I abhor the human rights abuses that are taking place in Palestine. I cannot be a customer of a company that supports, whether directly or indirectly, the occupation of Palestinian territories by Israel and the ensuing human suffering that it inflicts.
International human rights group SumOfUs suggests that the insurer is violating international law by financing the arms maker Elbit Systems. SumOfUs has accused AXA of contributing to the suffering of the Palestinian people by having a financial interest in Elbit Systems and three Israeli banks that “finance Israel’s illegal settlement expansion.”
SumOfUs’ campaign comes after the International Federation of Human Rights allegedly found that several French financial groups, including AXA, are directly or indirectly linked with Israeli businesses involved in settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory.
In reply, AXA has said "Our investments in the Israeli banks targeted by this campaign represent around 0.004% of the Group’s assets under management and are mainly assets managed for third party clients of our asset management subsidiaries."
What I would like know is, are AXA still involved in these investments, and how much in real monetary terms 0.004% accounts for? If it such a small amount, as they suggest, why don't they just drop it?