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To: Roman Catholic Church, Archbishop Eamon Martin, Taoiseach, Oireachtas

Allow people to formally leave the Catholic Church. #letusleave

Allow people to formally leave the Catholic Church. #letusleave

Allow people to officially defect from the Catholic Church.

Why is this important?

There are any number of reasons to support this action.

Recent confirmation that human remains of babies and young infants, discovered in a sewage tank on the grounds of a former Mother and Baby home in Tuam is the latest in a long line of stories that have appalled and shocked Ireland and indeed the rest of the world.

The clerical child sex abuse cases, the Church's view on contraception, divorce, equal marriage, the role of women in society and in the church, abortion.

It is time that people who were brought up as Roman Catholic, should now have the facility to exercise their free will and be able to declare officially that they are no longer of that religion. This facility was taken away from us in 2009 by a change in Canon law. We ask that lawmakers put pressure on the Catholic Church to allow that right.

We demand that the Catholic Church allows those of us who wish to leave, the facility to do so on the record.



Reasons for signing

  • I no longer believe in the Catholic church, they do not adhere to their own teachings of love and compassion. So many things in the last 5yrs in Ireland have lead me to finally decide to leave it behind. I will also be opting my children out.
  • I never joined, it was imposed upon me. If I hda the choice I would never have joined such a disfunctional, and lets face it, downright evil organization.
  • I have never been a practicing Catholic, neither have my parents. Baptism and sacraments were followed as it was cultural norm and it was not acceptable to go against this. My parents were very clear that following rituals were just so we wouldn't be ostracized as children but we didn't accept the teaching of the Catholic church. I first heard the word Atheist in the 70s as a small child


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