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To: Castlemartyr national school

Allow parents the option of sending their child to school in tracksuit or uniform

The parents of children attending Scoil Iósaf National School Castlemartyr are requesting that the Board Of Management honour the commitment given in May 2019 to engage and assist the parent body with regards to the current uniform policy during the school year 2019/2020.

We the parents request the Board Of Management respect that the uniform policy is an issue for the general parent body and give a commitment to engage positively and in partnership with the parents.
We would like all families within the school to be given the option of allowing their children to wear school tracksuit or uniform.

A lot of children in the school have diagnosed sensory issues, so this decision would be most helpful to these families. Also this decision would reduce people's back to school costs dramatically.

Why is this important?

Families were assured that their voices would be heard. And that they would be involved in the decision making when it comes to school uniform /tracksuit

Gortnahomna Beg, Castlemartyr, Co. Cork, Ireland

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