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To: The current Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport is Shane Ross, TD.

Allow Asylum seekers Drive To their work place.

Asylum seekers in Ireland get access to the Labour market if they don't get a decision on their asylum application before 9 months.The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport,Shane Ross, TD. Has the power to grant them with drivers license.

Why is this important?

It's important for an asylum seekers who has permission to work be allowed to drive. Most of the asylum seekers live in direct provision centres. Some of these centres are located with very less public transport facilities. In such situation haveing the skills,ability,will,interest and legal permission to work there is no other choice for an asylum seeker apart from satying in the hostel and be fully dependent on the state and tax payers. Asylum seekers once they get a job they are contributing to the Irish economy like all the other irish citizens paying tax and building Irelands economy stronger for a brighter future allowing an asylum seeker to be a part of it won't harm anyone in anyway.

Republic of Ireland

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