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To: Richard Bruton, Minister for Education

Additional teachers needed for Firhouse Educate Together National School

We need your help to ensure new teachers are appointed immediately to Firhouse Educate Together National School.

Why is this important?

Firhouse Educate Together National School is a developing school with 171 pupils enrolled. It is a very inclusive school with 44% of the children with special education needs. From November 6th there are to be large split infant classes of up to 32 children which is of great concern.

The staff at the school are passionate and committed and do wonderful work with the children. However, these class sizes, with so many children with special needs in them, cannot be considered suitable to meet the educational needs of the children.

The breakdown in Firhouse Educate Together N.S. is as follows:
* Special educational needs - 24% of the children
* Solely EAL requirements - 14% of the children
* Solely learning support requirements - 6%

This situation needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.
Dublin, Ireland

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