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To: Donegal County Council & the EPA

Action North Waste

Action North Waste

Clean up the huge toxic waste dump aside the N13 on the border between Bridgend and Derry.

Why is this important?

This waste dump has for the last 21 years polluted one of our Countries most important Wildlife Habitats. The Inch Island Wildlife Reserve is an SAC and is home to an abundance of protected species of animals and birds.
It is most significant in its position at the foot of Grianan of Aileach from which visitors can see the spectacular beauty of Lough Swilly and the flash of white of the swans, whom alongside the otters and migratory birds share this place as their protected home.
This habitat is at risk of being assigned to history, if action is not taken soon. There is no planet B.....

How it will be delivered

Our plan is to have potential candidates for the Council Elections on May 24th give an undertaking to prioritise our environment, as being at risk due to this authority's failure to act to protect our natural resources.

Inch Level, County Donegal, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • Toxic waste is killing our planet while we stand by and do nothing.. It's about time somebody did something


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