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To: Irish Government

A Vaccine for the People - Not for Profit

A Vaccine for the People - Not for Profit

That the Government, in view of the serious threat that Covid-19 poses to people all over the world:

— calls on the World Trade Organization (WTO) to allow all countries to choose to neither grant nor enforce patents and other intellectual property [rights] related to Covid-19 drugs, vaccines, diagnostics and other technologies for the duration of the pandemic;

- demand that European Union policy is changed so as it votes at the WTO to allow this to occur.

- calls for full open disclosure of all scientific and clinical trial data related to the development and production of such vaccines, and should this occur, further calls for the convocation of an expert panel to independently analyse the data and develop public health communication strategies based on their findings ...

Why is this important?

No one should be excluded from access to a life-saving Vaccine. However, unless we act now, a safe and effective vaccine for Covid-19 won't reach billions of vulnerable people across the world until its too late.


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