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To: Irish Government

100% Redress for Defective Blocks

Make 100% Redress Scheme Available For Defective Block Victims.

Why is this important?

Thousands of houses throughout Ireland, particularly in the Northwest, are falling apart because they were built with DEFECTIVE Blocks. The blocks are contaminated by compounds called PYRITE and/or MICA.

People’s homes and lives are being totally destroyed - lives are being shattered - children’s
futures devastated. Our houses are now worthless and are unsafe to live in.

Imagine if you discovered today that your home was worthless, unsaleable, cracking and crumbling, and would ultimately collapse. How would you feel?

This is what is happening to us, through absolutely no fault of our own. Our houses were built
with blocks governed by the Standards set by the Irish Government. The Irish Government allowed the quarries that made the blocks to self-regulate. Both the Irish Government, and the quarries have FAILED innocent homeowners.

In 2007 when pyrite contaminated houses on the EAST coast of Ireland the Irish Government introduced a redress scheme. This scheme covered 100% of costs for homeowners allowing them to rectify their homes. The Irish Government is REFUSING to grant citizens on the WEST coast of Ireland the same 100% redress scheme.

They are offering a PARTIAL redress scheme which has so many exclusions, conditions and hidden costs that it is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. €7,000 is needed for testing before accessing the scheme. This make it financially inaccessible for majority of homeowners affected.

We NEED a 100% redress scheme to deal with this life-destroying problem. We are your fellow citizens and we ask you to STAND WITH US in our fight for JUSTICE.

Please, please sign this petition to support our cause. Help us get our homes back.



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