To: Norma Foley

10 Sráith Pictiúr is the move

To reduce 20 sráith pictiúr down to 10.

Why is this important?

Gaeilge is an essential part of our culture and heritage. It is important for us as a younger generation to carry on this culture in a practical and open way. I understand that the reasons for the Sráith Pictiúrí is for students to see what is in front of them and communicate to the examiner in our native language what is happening. I know that it is not your wish for students to learn them off by heart and recite them like robots. The aim is to embrace and grow our language and teach students to speak it as well as understand it. For this reason i strongly believe that 10 Sráith pictiúr will have just as much benefit, if not more, to accelerating our knowledge of irish, then 20. Randomly selecting one from 20 is the same as randomly selecting one from 10, except that it allows students to relax that little bit more and be more capable of having confidence in themselves to speak the language more fluently. Relieving the stress without decreasing the academic benefit will be endlessly helpful for festering a love for our native tongue in the younger generation. Something which is vital for the continuation of our unique and wonderful culture.