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To: The government

We want the government to build enough public housing for Dublin.

Build public housing without private developers' investment.
Use state-owned lands and if necessary purchase private lands.
Build enough good homes to house everyone on the housing/homeless lists.

Why is this important?

We now have a housing crisis and a homelessness emergency in our city.

If other countries provide public housing, why can't we?
In the long run, the state would save money. At present they are spending millions on hotels to house the homeless and hap payments etc. This money is being wasted, going into private pockets)

Our youth are forced to emigrate because they can't afford rent nor to buy their own homes.

Our artists and musicians are leaving the city.
DUblin could become a cultural vacuum full of old rich people with everyone else pushed out.

People are sleeping in the streets and squashed into unsuitable, unsafe buildings.

We need the government to grab hold of a hopeful, positive vision of homes for all, to make this logical decision, and to BUILD a better future for people in Dublin.

Dublin, Ireland

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