To: TD's in Cork County

Use Nama Buildings for Public Housing

Instead of prioritising public housing Nama is being actively used to build/provide private housing. Nama is owned by the state and we are in the middle of a housing emergency.
Niamh McDonald, one of the coordinators and activists with Irish Housing Network, accurately explained the purpose of the occupation.

Niamh McDonald one of the organisers of the Apollo House occupation says : “It exposes the government’s inadequate response to the homelessness crisis and the way in which through NAMA they are putting profits and economic gain before the needs of our most vulnerable citizens”.

Why is this important?

We live in different parts of Ireland, in communities both urban and rural, that experience the housing crisis in lots of different ways. By organising together in our own local communities we can help grow the swell of public support to homelessness once and for all.
Our politicians all have to take responsibility for the housing crisis. We can pressure them to make this their top priority for 2017. They would like to Apollo House as a one off action and to wash their hands of any responsibility that led to the occupation.
Together we can show them that Apollo house is a beacon for change and this struggle is from the bottom up.