To: Minister Swann and Minister Lyons

Support Our Student Health Heroes

This campaign has ended.

It’s time to demand that our students in health and social care settings receive the support they deserve!

We need to create a sustainable health service in the wake of Covid-19 and this isn’t possible with the inadequate financial compensation these students currently receive.

Did you know:
● The nursing and midwifery bursary has not increased since 2012, despite a 9.1% increase in living costs up to 2019, and is roughly half that of the nursing
bursary afforded to nursing and midwifery students in Scotland. They do not have access to students loans for maintenance costs.

● Diagnostic radiography, an AHP course at Ulster University, saw over 30% of students in 2019-2020 in receipt of a hardship fund. These students can
receive a means-tested bursary, however it is not guaranteed as they range from £0 to £8,370.

● Students can access tuition fees loans & maintenance loans for 4 years. In 5th year, there is a means-tested bursary which often results in a significant decrease in income for these students. In 2019/20, these students accounted for 14% of all QUB students who accessed Student Support Funds.

Please sign our petition to demand:
● An increase of bursary for nursing and midwifery students to reflect current living costs.

● Financial support to be available for all social work students.

● A full review of the access to finance available for Allied Health Professional (AHP) students.

● Fully funded Graduate Entry Medicine courses in NI, as with Scotland's accelerated programme.

We need action now!

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