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To: Minister for Housing, Simon Coveney

Stop the Limerick Strand Evictions

This campaign has ended.

Don't allow Vulture Fund, Oaktree Capital, to evict us from our homes in the Limerick Strand Apartments

Why is this important?

Myself and a number of other residents have been told that we will be evicted from our homes in the Strand apartments in Limerick because the vulture fund who bought our homes want to sell them on for a massive profit.

Over 90,000 homes in Ireland are owned by Vulture Funds, which makes many of us vulnerable to evictions and homelessness.

Can you stand with us in our fight to stay in our homes and for the right to safe, affordable and secure housing?

We also call on Minister Coveney to amend the Residential Tenancies Act to abolish sale of a property as a ground for terminating a tenancy.



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