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To: Garda and Dublin City Council

Stop increase in burglaries in Clarehall

Stop increase in burglaries in Clarehall

To increase Garda visibility & patrols in the area and for Dublin City Council to improve the street lighting in the estate.

Why is this important?

The residents of Clarehall have experienced a significant increase in house break ins and car thefts over the last year. We believe that contributory factors to this increase are lack of Garda visibility on the estate and deterioration in quality & brightness of street lighting since DCC installed LED lighting.

Clarehall, Dublin, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • Clarehall is currently being targeted with a spate of burglaries. I feel more Garda patrols in the area would be a deterrent and also I feel estate is targeted more since DCC installed that low level lighting
  • Car has been broken into on a number of occasions, it’s also been vandalised. There was a man beaten up and collapsed in my garden covered in blood. My wife’s car was gotten into on more than one occasion too. I would like a Garda presence in our area, currently there is none. There are multiple break ins and car thefts weekly now.
  • As a mother of 1 child and 2 babies it's a horrible feeling going to bed and not feeling safe in your own home constantly waking up at night thinking you have heard something or someone at your house. Families of the area I'm sure are the same way we need more gardai patrolling the areas and if something god forbid was to happen a patrol car is not far away and will get there on time.


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