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To: Dublin City Council, Waterways Ireland, Dublin Region Homeless Executive, Minister Eoghan Murphy

Stop forcibly removing people who are homeless

Stop forcibly removing people who are homeless

People and tents should not be forcibly removed from our streets and waterways.

Why is this important?

After the apalling news that the Dublin Region Homeless Executive injured a man sleeping in a tent, I'm calling on the Council and Waterways Ireland to stop removing people and tents at all. [1]

People are just trying to take shelter in whatever way they can and literally using machinery to move them on is not fine and in this case led to serious and life-changing consquences.

The right services need to be provided for people experiencing homelessness, but I don't think we should move on people from where they have chosen to take shelter. They are not bothering anyone by being there.


Dublin, Ireland

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