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To: Landlord and Dublin Property Management

Stop Eviction of Mohammad, Roobeena and Family

Extend the eviction deadline for 6 months to allow Mohamed and Roobena's family to find alternative accommodation.

Why is this important?

Mohammad, Roobeena and their family have been renting their current house for 6 years, and have lived in the wider North Dublin area for 12. Their children are 3, 4, and 7 years old and have grown up in the local area.

Mohammad cannot work anymore following a road traffic accident in 2018.

In June 2021, the family received an eviction notice from their new landlord and their estate agents wanting to sell the house.

Due to the difficulty of finding housing at the moment, and in particular for families and disabled people, Mohammad joined CATU looking for support.

Through the backing of neighbours and CATU supporters, Mohammad and Roobeena are asking for another 6 months from the letting agent and landlord in their current accommodation to allow them to find a long-term alternative. Please sign this petition to demand the same and stop a family being pushed into homelessness this winter.

Donaghmede, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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