To: The Taoiseach, Department of Health, Department of Education, Department of Culture, Department of Housing

Stop a Generation Emigrating Again

Without a home, there is no where to start from: Housing needs to be seen as a home and not an investment. Following on from Rory Aherne and his book, Gaffs, we can get inspiration and a strategy to prioritise the needs of younger generations so that they/we can see a future here and we can build Ireland - three generations together, for the first time in a very long time.

Why is this important?

In the last 100 years, Ireland has made great progress and made some mistakes. Meanwhile, in the last 100 years, three generations have not all been able to live here with their needs being met. Mass emigration is a trend in the country that tears families and communities apart. People look for a better future elsewhere because they can't see a good future here.

Doctors and nurses emigrating because they don't feel valued. Their pay doesn't allow them to buy a house or save. Teachers are not able to afford rent and health insurance simultaneously. Couples living separately with their parents because they can't afford a house, can't afford a home to rent together, or buy a home together. People in their 20s and 30s think they need to emigrate to progress in these stages of life development. Having children and a home in Ireland is seemingly getting more and more difficult.

A best who emigrates effects relationship ties and general happiness. Brothers who emigrate and subsequently put pressure on other siblings to take care of aging parents. These are two more examples of how this affects our communities and social health of the collective of people in Ireland. Generations have left Ireland before in hopes of a better life, higher paying jobs and opportunities that can't be found here in Ireland.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for a high number of people in their 20s and 30s. How can they afford a house as an artist, or a teacher in Ireland? Our doctors and nurses being prepped and advised not to stay in Ireland, making the people of Ireland doubt the security of the needed care of our loved ones.

Without the possibility of being able to confidently progress through life stages as individuals, our health and wellbeing will suffer. When our people emigrate, family structures and communities weaken. These effects ripple through our country, negatively effecting our physical, social, emotional and mental health.

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