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To: The people of Ireland.

Solidarity with Travellers

Pledge to stand in solidarity with the Traveller Community, to do whatever is in your power to challenge racism and discrimination in both word and action.
Commit to challenging the spread of anti Traveller articles and posts, (don't like, don't share - report it!)
Don't allow politicians to scapegoat Travellers for electoral gain - call it out.

Why is this important?

The presidential election gave a platform for anti Traveller hostility to be openly displayed and the Traveller community to be harassed and abused. The conduct of the presidential candidate Peter Casey, his supporters and some sections of the media, took us back to the expression of open hatred that we haven't seen since the civil rights marches.

Travellers have been pushed to the margins of our society, often denied access to the most basic of services. The Traveller community is 10 times more likely to experience homelessness and 7 times more likely to die by suicide. Children from the Traveller community are growing up being made to feel like they don't belong, they are growing up thinking they are not good enough, growing up to be made feel ashamed of their background, in order to be accepted. No one should feel this way in the Ireland of today.

I believe we can all play our part in stopping the rise of hatred and oppression.

Instead of looking to Traveller groups and organisations to have to challenge anti Traveller racism, we all can and must play our part. It is the settled community who need to call it out and say that this wont be tolerated in our name.

If we want to live in a fair and equal society, we must stand together, build each other up and
build bridges, not walls.

Sign the pledge to stand in solidarity with Travellers, and help stamp out racism and discrimination.



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