To: For the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage or Dublin City Council to obtain the Legion Hall into public ownership.

Save the Legion Hall, Killester.

This campaign has ended.

The Legion Hall in Killester, Dublin is one of the last surviving Legion Halls in Ireland, its a unique hall in its heritage, history and cultural links to the Killester Garden Village being the areas community centre since 1932 in its current form. The hall has been in private ownership and derelict and neglected for over 20 years and left to rot. It needs to be reopened once again as a community centre for the community!

Why is this important?

We could make a positive and impactful difference to the community of Killester and surrounding areas if the Legion Hall was brought into public ownership, refurbished and reopened once again as a community centre which for decades was a focal and central hub for the community of thr Killester Garden Village and surrounding areas.
Abbeyfield, Clontarf West, Dublin, Ireland

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