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To: Limerick City and County Council

Keep Ormston House Open

Make sure Ormston House stays open and running as the amazing Cultural Resource Centre it now is.

Why is this important?

Since opening in 2011 Ormston House has been the cultural heart of Limerick City. Hosting exhibitions from local and international artists, gigs, community events and more, it has provided a vital and much needed cultural space for the people of Limerick.

Culture has been at the heart of Limerick City in recent years and was named City of Culture in 2014. It’s the spark that kept the city alive and bright during the bleak years of the recession. As more and more beautiful buildings became derelict, they were handed over to artists and creatives who gave what would have otherwise been an empty shell a new lease of life. But the good times are back and with that, one by one, these spaces have disappeared. Lets not let that happen to Ormston House!

Since the announcement of the possible closure of Ormston House, due to the building being put up for sale by a Vulture Fund, there has been a huge outpouring of support. The Rubberbandits called on Limerick City and County Council to "Please do the right thing here" and said "Placing art and culture in a prominent position of pride, in a decent location, isn’t just good for tourism. It collectively benefits our sense of identify, self esteem and mental health."

If we come together to show our support and put pressure on Limerick City and County Council and those involved in this sale, we can save Ormston House and ensure it's preserved as the amazing cultural space it currently is for years to come.

Find out more about Ormston House here:

Limerick, Ireland

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