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To: Dublin City Council, Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy

Save O'Devaney Gardens

Save O'Devaney Gardens

O'Devany Gardens needs homes - but 50% of our land at O'Devany Gardens is about to be sold off to greedy corporate developers. We could put affordable public housing there instead.

Why is this important?

Dublin Council will meet to vote on O'Devany land on 7 October. They're under pressure to deliver homes but we can give them a reason to vote in favour of social housing instead - public land shouldn't be used for private profit.

Dozens of Dublin Councillors signed the People's Housing Plan, a pledge to build public homes we can all afford and communities of equals - made up of people from all walks of life. That’s why we have to make our voices heard, to give them the courage they need to fight like hell for the city we all need and deserve.

We'll have a day of action in Stoneybatter to Save O'Devany. Join us on 2 October, sign the petition and stand up for better housing now.


Dublin, Ireland

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A vote will be held at Dublin City Council on 4 November

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