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To: Ulster Bank CEO Gerry Mallon

Save Donegal Ulster Bank Branches

Please keep open Raphoe and Ardara branches in Donegal. These branches are the last Bank in these towns and are at the heart of both community and economic life here.

Why is this important?

Ulster Bank made a commitment to customers in 2010 never to close the last Bank in town. When the AIB in Raphoe closed your Bank poached customers from AIB on the basis that the Ulster Bank wasn’t going anywhere. When Ulster Bank closed their office in Lifford and transferred its customers to Raphoe your Bank assured those customers that Ulster Bank in Raphoe was there to stay. Do these commitments mean anything to you? How can the Bank now break these commitments and turn their back on their customers, the community and their staff?
The people, staff and businesses of our towns need these branches. To close them is to break your Banks commitments and abandon our towns. Please reverse your decision or customers will withdraw their business from Ulster Bank for good. We will not be transferred to other Ulster Bank branches.
Donegal, Ireland

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