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To: Amy and Daniel's Landlord

Safe and Secure Housing for Amy and Daniel

1.) Provide a promise that we will not be evicted or 6 weeks, or until we have found appropriate alternative accommodation.

2.) A reference to help us secure appropriate alternative accommodation.

3.) Return the €775 which we have paid to you in total since 11/03/21, under the guise that you were the rightful lease-owner of the property.

4.) Compensation that will amount to €400 for the stress and hardship that you have put us through, including immediate threat of homelessness.

Why is this important?

Since moving into this room, we have been harassed, threatened, and have had the neighbouring room broken into. 4 weeks into our tenancy, we received a letter from the rightful owner of the property, informing us that we would need to vacate the premises. We were given a few days notice to quit the premises, leaving us face to face with the threat of homelessness. I am currently 5 months pregnant and it is urgent that I find safe and secure accommodation. The money that we ask is returned will allow us to pay for a deposit.

When we first moved in to this room, we requested a tenancy agreement. On the 10th of March, pictures of both our passports were requested and we were told us that a tenancy agreement would be drawn up and sent to us, which we never received.

We are now at a serious risk of homelessness, which we were not at risk of in our previous accommodation. The demands listed above are completely reasonable given the stress and hardship our landlord has put on us in recent weeks.

We ask you to sign this petition to show your support of our demands and urge our landlord to meet them.


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